Reckless Love pt. 4

This is a continuation of a blog reflecting on a sermon I gave referencing the popular worship song, “Reckless Love.”   A woman came to speak with me after the service Sunday night and she was more than happy to use the term “reckless love of God.” I told her, “good.” She understood the meaning behind it and the fact… Read more →

Reckless Love pt. 3 – A poignant thought and example

This is part 3 of a blog reflecting further on a sermon message I gave in reference to the worship song, “Reckless Love.” Please join in the conversation with your thoughts and reflections.   I was speaking with another person after the service Sunday night and this person has obviously had some bad experiences with love. He said that he… Read more →

Reckless Love pt. 2 Reckless But Committed

This is part 2 of a blog reflecting on a sermon I preached in relation to the worship song “Reckless Love.”   “Reckless, but Committed”   Consider, still, the question, “are we called to love recklessly?” I could make sense of such a claim. Like, for instance showing love to the homeless simply because God asks us to (see pt.… Read more →

Reckless Love pt. 1

Hey guys, I wanted to continue the conversation from last night’s Living Room with you. I hope you’ll engage with this blog. I’d love to hear some of your thoughts and reflections from last night.   There’s a few other things I wanted to express and put out there to consider that I just couldn’t fit into the sermon, so… Read more →

“What is Forgiveness?” Follow Up

Last night I asserted that Biblical forgiveness is drastically different to how the world sees and understands forgiveness. The world sees and understands forgiveness as something that only empowers the self: If someone has hurt me, it is taught, that forgiveness is important, even imperative, if I ever want to move on. So for me to forgive whoever hurt me… Read more →