Hello, I'm Jonathan, but you can call me Jono, Barbie, Jbarb, J-dog, Bear, Papa Bear, or Jonathan, if you like. I'm the new ministry intern for Hope Hornby and in particular with the Living Room and pastoral care for young adults. I'm originally from Atlanta, GA, but moved to Christchurch 7 years ago to marry my wife, Joce. The last 9 years of my life I've been serving God in youth ministry (2 years back in GA before moving here), and now I'm moving into a new chapter of ministry as I train for ordination in the PCANZ. Joce and I have a baby girl, Emersyn (Emmy), 2 dogs (Tahi and Chipper), 3 cats (Romeo, Winston, and Peppa), and a bunch of fish (yes, they all have names too, but I won't bore you with all of them). We love animals, and all of God's creation. I love music, movies, sports, acting, and of course, theology. And I love working with people and sharing life experience, the love of God, and whatever knowledge I have on whatever things I know.

Reflections on the Sovereignty and Providence of God Panel Discussion

Hey guys, I hope you all enjoyed the discussion last night. Thanks to those who put in questions. I felt like, while some things were made a bit more clear for some of us, there were still some questions raised, which is good. Explore those questions with your home groups, with your family members, and with the Hope pastors. Next… Read more →