Reflections on the Sovereignty and Providence of God Panel Discussion

Hey guys, I hope you all enjoyed the discussion last night. Thanks to those who put in questions. I felt like, while some things were made a bit more clear for some of us, there were still some questions raised, which is good. Explore those questions with your home groups, with your family members, and with the Hope pastors. Next… Read more →

Reflections on Waiting

Last night at the Living Room I talked about how the ascension of Jesus thoroughly impacts what it means for us to be human AND to be the church. To refresh those who were there, and to briefly catch up those who weren’t, the ascension is important to us as humans because: in Christ’s death he took on our sin… Read more →

Devotion: Living As Community

Soul Food series part 1 “Living as Community” Growth group devotion (The goal of this devotion is for your growth group to come up with combined goals of living as a community this year. By the end, the growth group will have a “rule of faith” which will guide and structure what you do throughout the year…feel free to change… Read more →