Earth Day: A shameless plug

Happy Earth Day everyone! In honour of this special occasion, let me give yet another shameless plug as to why we should care for our planet. Of the very limited readership to frequent the Living Room blogsite, there are probably three reactions right now: Huzzah! Yes! I’ve been holding out for yet another shameless creation care blog! This is so… Read more →

Intercession: Southwest Christchurch

Hi all! Continuing our series on Jeremiah, this week we turn to chapter 32. Jeremiah goes out to buy a piece of land. Exciting. But actually, it’s a really strange thing to do because the land of Judah is on the verge of being overrun by the Babylonian Empire. Any bought land won’t be worth much then! However, Jeremiah loves… Read more →

Intercession: Persecuted People

Hello! I’m sure you’ve been very aware of the global refugee crisis caused largely by the conflict in Syria. Working through Jeremiah, I have been struck by how Jeremiah provides language to help give voice to this scandal. Jeremiah is hardly a light read…but justifiably so. We need strong words to help us grapple with this stuff. This Sunday we’ll… Read more →

Intercession: Project Esther

Hello Roommates! I await this Sunday with eager anticipation. Continuing our Jeremiah series, Daphne Marsden will be speaking on encouraging hope in the people God brings our way. Daphne is the manager of Project Esther, a community ministry of Southwest Baptist Church. She works a lot with at risk women who have just been released from prison. Therefore, for our… Read more →

Intercession: Myanmar Flooding

Roomies, We need your prayerful attention! BREAKING NEWS…Myanmar and other parts of Southeast Asia are experiencing extreme flooding and landslides. Every week at the Living Room, we’re hoping to focus on something particular for our intercessory prayers. This week we’re going to pray for Myanmar during the service. If you have time before Sunday, you can find out more here,… Read more →