Reflections on Light and Darkness – Courtney’s message on the Lamp of the Body

Hello, and welcome to the Living Room Blog. Last night Courtney spoke to us in week 2 of our Lent series, Journey to the Cross, and he spoke on Luke 11:33-36 – the lamp of the body. The takeaway for me was, in the same way last week I spoke about acknowledging distractions, to acknowledge the areas in our lives… Read more →

Reflections on the Sovereignty and Providence of God Panel Discussion

Hey guys, I hope you all enjoyed the discussion last night. Thanks to those who put in questions. I felt like, while some things were made a bit more clear for some of us, there were still some questions raised, which is good. Explore those questions with your home groups, with your family members, and with the Hope pastors. Next… Read more →

What’s your call? What’s your mission?

Last night at the Living Room Gabe, Vinnie, and I all talked about being “light in the world” and shining that light to all the world.  Gabe and Vinnie both shared the message, pulling from Isaiah 49:1-6 (the second of the servant songs), and challenged us, not to find our calling, but to recognise it. Gabe pointed out that not everyone… Read more →

Suffering With Us: Reflections on the Living Room Week 1 Lent Service

Hey. I wanted to share some thoughts with you and flesh out some more content that I wasn’t quite able to do last night. My hope is that you can engage with this blog either on your own time or with a group of friends or your family, and that in doing so you generate more conversation with God. So… Read more →