Preaching Series

What’s your call? What’s your mission?

Last night at the Living Room Gabe, Vinnie, and I all talked about being “light in the world” and shining that light to all the world.  Gabe and Vinnie both shared the message, pulling from Isaiah 49:1-6 (the second of the servant songs), and challenged us, not to find our calling, but to recognise it. Gabe pointed out that not everyone… Read more →

Suffering With Us: Reflections on the Living Room Week 1 Lent Service

Hey. I wanted to share some thoughts with you and flesh out some more content that I wasn’t quite able to do last night. My hope is that you can engage with this blog either on your own time or with a group of friends or your family, and that in doing so you generate more conversation with God. So… Read more →


Jesus: Suffering Serving part three COMMUNION Small group devotion The purpose of this small group discussion is to get your group discussing what communion is, and why it is central to the life of the Church. Opening discussion: What has been your experience of Communion? Is it important to you? Why or why not? Look at the painting below by… Read more →

Devotion: SERVING

Jesus: Suffering Servant part two SERVING Small group devotion The purpose of this small group discussion is to encourage your group to think about how they are currently serving and how they might serve in new ways.   Opening discussion: Brainstorm together examples of leaders in our society today. Try and get some good and bad examples. What makes someone… Read more →


Jesus: Suffering Servant part one MOUNTAIN-TOP MOMENTS Small group devotion The purpose of this devotion is to share together our “mountain-top” experiences and discuss what role they have in our faith journey. It’s also a chance to talk about the “valleys” and the “plains” of life and what we do in these moments. Opening question: Share a mountain-top faith experience… Read more →