“What is Forgiveness?” Follow Up

Last night I asserted that Biblical forgiveness is drastically different to how the world sees and understands forgiveness. The world sees and understands forgiveness as something that only empowers the self: If someone has hurt me, it is taught, that forgiveness is important, even imperative, if I ever want to move on. So for me to forgive whoever hurt me… Read more →

Reflections on Light and Darkness – Courtney’s message on the Lamp of the Body

Hello, and welcome to the Living Room Blog. Last night Courtney spoke to us in week 2 of our Lent series, Journey to the Cross, and he spoke on Luke 11:33-36 – the lamp of the body. The takeaway for me was, in the same way last week I spoke about acknowledging distractions, to acknowledge the areas in our lives… Read more →