Monthly Archives: August 2015

Intercession: Project Esther

Hello Roommates! I await this Sunday with eager anticipation. Continuing our Jeremiah series, Daphne Marsden will be speaking on encouraging hope in the people God brings our way. Daphne is the manager of Project Esther, a community ministry of Southwest Baptist Church. She works a lot with at risk women who have just been released from prison. Therefore, for our… Read more →

Devotion: 23.8.15 Playing the Fool

Hey yo! Wasn’t Mark Ambundo engaging on Sunday?! What a privilege to hear some of his context in Kenya. He focussed primarily on 1 Cor 1:18-31. For our devotion this week, let’s go from there back into Jeremiah. What does it mean to proclaim the “foolish” message of the cross? Blessings! Stranger in a Strange Land series (part 3) “Playing… Read more →

Devotion: 16.8.15 “The Art of Confession”

Roomies! It was great to see so many of you at ‘The Living Room’ last night. Warwick led us into a really difficult but important subject area…confession. It’s something that can leave us feeling uncomfortable or, worse, like failures. And so, the easiest solution is often to remove any language of confession altogether! Let’s focus on the good stuff… …only… Read more →

Intercession: Myanmar Flooding

Roomies, We need your prayerful attention! BREAKING NEWS…Myanmar and other parts of Southeast Asia are experiencing extreme flooding and landslides. Every week at the Living Room, we’re hoping to focus on something particular for our intercessory prayers. This week we’re going to pray for Myanmar during the service. If you have time before Sunday, you can find out more here,… Read more →

Living “green”

Kia ora, Roommates! Living “green” has certain connotations. For some, those connotations are positive, for others, not so much…from the ethically responsible consumer to the weed-smoking hippie (gasp!), the opinions are diverse and varied. Perhaps some of the stigma that “green” living evokes, is due to its association with a particular political leaning i.e. the far left. But I want… Read more →