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Devotion: 27.9.15 Living in Exile

Everyone! Hope you’re well. Here is this week’s devotion: Stranger in a Strange Land series (part 7) “Living in Exile” Devotional notes Readings to reflect on throughout the week: Jeremiah 29:1-9 Titus 3:1-7 John 1:14-18 Next week’s readings: Jeremiah 46:27-28 Romans 7:14-25 Mark 6:53-56 Personal/group study: Settle yourself in prayer. If alone, you may like to try just sitting in… Read more →

Devotion: 20.9.15 Investing in “Real” Estate

‘Twas good to hear from Spanky last Sunday. He confronted us with the question, how is the good news actually good FOR YOU? He highlighted three things that young people tend to grapple with today: Emotional insecurity Loneliness Numbness I wonder, which of these, if any, speak to you? And does the gospel provide hope in response? It’s this we’ll… Read more →

What’s God been doing in your life lately?

I’ve recently said “yes” to On This Day reminders from Facebook. It’s kind of cool. There’s a sweet nostalgia to knowing about what I’ve posted or the conversations (albeit one-sided) that I’ve had with friends who are now mostly acquaintances. Thanks for reminding me that I’m sometimes a crap friend, Facebook. Thanks to Facebook, I now know that approximately four… Read more →

Intercession: Southwest Christchurch

Hi all! Continuing our series on Jeremiah, this week we turn to chapter 32. Jeremiah goes out to buy a piece of land. Exciting. But actually, it’s a really strange thing to do because the land of Judah is on the verge of being overrun by the Babylonian Empire. Any bought land won’t be worth much then! However, Jeremiah loves… Read more →

Devotion: 13.9.15 Dealing with Mockery

Hi. I wonder, is mockery for your faith something totally foreign to you? Or is it something that hits a little close to home? Abi was provocative in her thoughts on dealing with mockery and persecution. Thanks Abi! For the devotion this week, let’s spend time taking what she said and discerning what that means in our personal lives. Stranger… Read more →

Communion or Confusion? Reflecting on the Lord’s Supper

Roommates! Every second Sunday of the month we celebrate Communion at the Living Room. But have you ever been confused by what Communion is, or why we do it? If so, join the club. You are officially joining millions of Christians around the world… the Communion meal is first and foremost a mystery (that’s what “sacrament” means!). It’s a mystery… Read more →

Intercession: Persecuted People

Hello! I’m sure you’ve been very aware of the global refugee crisis caused largely by the conflict in Syria. Working through Jeremiah, I have been struck by how Jeremiah provides language to help give voice to this scandal. Jeremiah is hardly a light read…but justifiably so. We need strong words to help us grapple with this stuff. This Sunday we’ll… Read more →

Where is God in the hard times?

Recently I’ve been making my way through C.S. Lewis’ last written book, “Chiefly on Prayer: Letters to Malcolm”. The book consists a series of imaginary letters to someone called Malcolm and, as the name suggests, the letters are “chiefly on prayer”. In these letters, he had been discussing with Malcolm why or how we should pray petitions. Malcolm’s child was… Read more →

Devotion: 30.8.15 Encouraging Hope

Kia ora! Here is this week’s devotion on Christian hope. Daphne certainly gave a challenging reflection on what we can do as individuals and as a community to encourage hope in the people God brings our way. …challenging, but exciting! Stranger in a Strange Land series (part 4) “Encouraging hope in the people God brings our way” Devotional notes Readings… Read more →