Monthly Archives: January 2016

What super power do you have?

You know those facebook survey things that pop up on your feed every now and again? “Fill out this survey to find out what super power you have.” Or, “answer this to find out which Harry Potter character you are.” Or…and this is my personal favourite…”complete this to find out which theologian you are” (Martin Luther? What do you mean… Read more →

What Would Jesus Pray?

Ahoi-hoi! Yes, the title of this humble reflection suggests big things. Admittedly, I wouldn’t dare to presume what Jesus would pray. Fortunately, however, we know what Jesus has prayed (most famously in the Lord’s Prayer), and we know that he prayed regularly. So in a way, this awfully presumptuous title is justified. If I may, I’d like to mess with… Read more →

New Year’s Resolutions: How-to-guide

HA-ppy new year! As we head back from wherever we’ve holidayed, the time is now upon us: the time to turn our minds, dulled by fruit-mince tarts, Central-Otago cherries and sparkling wine, towards 2016. Like sun-kissed apricots we return slightly red (because we forgot we don’t tan well), fresh, energised, excited at the millions of possibilities that the upcoming year… Read more →