Monthly Archives: February 2016

Devotion: Honouring the Body

Soul Food series (part three) “An Embodied Faith” Small group devotion The purpose of this discussion is to challenge your group to think about what the resurrected life looks like. It will hopefully open up topics like death, heaven, resurrection and how we understand our bodies in relation to these things. What are some popular images of the after-life, heaven,… Read more →

I don’t have to give money, I give in other ways!

“I don’t have to give money, I give in other ways!” Have you every heard this when it comes to giving money in the Offering? Perhaps you’ve used it yourself! And it makes reasonable sense…some people have lots of money to give, some people have lots of time, others have particular talents. We all serve in different ways and needn’t… Read more →

Devotion: Money-talk

Soul Food series (part two) “Money-Talk” Small group devotion   If your group is in a jovial mood, indulge in a game of “Chubby bunny” (a big bag of marshmallows or grapes is required). The winner gets…a really full mouth. The “Chubby bunny” game can become an ongoing metaphor for our consumer attitudes — filling our lives with things, things,… Read more →

Donald Trump vs. the Pope

You may have seen the news recently that the Pope threw into question Trump’s Christian faith. You can read all about it here. Flying back to Rome from Mexico, the Pope critiqued Trump’s plan to build a giant wall between Mexico and the U.S.: “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges,… Read more →

Devotion: Living As Community

Soul Food series part 1 “Living as Community” Growth group devotion (The goal of this devotion is for your growth group to come up with combined goals of living as a community this year. By the end, the growth group will have a “rule of faith” which will guide and structure what you do throughout the year…feel free to change… Read more →

Lent: Isn’t that a Roman Catholic thing?

Well hi there! Often us Protestants get a little uneasy about things we perceive as Catholic. This is neither the time nor the place to debate age-old Protestant suspicions (and most of the time they are just suspicions!). However Lent is one of those things that tends to fall into the cavernous grey abyss of suspicion. Some Protestants do it,… Read more →

Living Room and edge: Growing Together

Newsflash! At the Living Room last Sunday, I drew attention to some changes happening with the Living Room and edge services this year. Firstly let me reiterate that both communities are important to the life of Hope. And the people in them are important too. As we attempt to listen to God and be obedient to Christ’s call, things naturally… Read more →