Monthly Archives: April 2016

Devotion: The World is Not an Oyster!

Mondayitis! series (part four) “The World is Not an Oyster” Small group devotion The purpose of this discussion is to discuss what God’s wisdom looks like compared to our wisdom, which is rooted in selfish ambition. Jordan began with this comical news article about a popular vote that went awry. What are some other instances in your life where public/popular… Read more →

Earth Day: A shameless plug

Happy Earth Day everyone! In honour of this special occasion, let me give yet another shameless plug as to why we should care for our planet. Of the very limited readership to frequent the Living Room blogsite, there are probably three reactions right now: Huzzah! Yes! I’ve been holding out for yet another shameless creation care blog! This is so… Read more →

Devotion: Fan or Follower?

Mondayitis! series (part two) “Fan or Follower” Small group devotion The intention is to get your group thinking about how we move beyond merely being a “fan” of Jesus to being a “follower” of Jesus. Who in your group is an avid sports fan? (e.g. Super Rugby, Barclays Premier League etc.) What are typical characteristics of avid sports fans? Get… Read more →

Kilts and icy breezes

Roommates! I announced last Sunday that on 18th September I will finish my term at Hope in order to begin post-grad studies in Scotland. Aye, I’m excited! But I’m also sad to be leaving this vibrant community. In particular I will miss the Living Room gathering. This is an update both on my personal plans (on the off-chance anyone is… Read more →

Devotion: A Whole Life

Mondayitis! series (part one) “A Whole Life” Small group devotion The intention of this discussion is to get the group thinking more critically about how we live our lives as Christians during the week. On Sunday, Jordan used the image of different spheres (balloons) which make up our scattered lives (e.g. church, work, uni, family etc.). To begin with you… Read more →