Monthly Archives: March 2017

What’s your call? What’s your mission?

Last night at the Living Room Gabe, Vinnie, and I all talked about being “light in the world” and shining that light to all the world.  Gabe and Vinnie both shared the message, pulling from Isaiah 49:1-6 (the second of the servant songs), and challenged us, not to find our calling, but to recognise it. Gabe pointed out that not everyone… Read more →

Suffering With Us: Reflections on the Living Room Week 1 Lent Service

Hey. I wanted to share some thoughts with you and flesh out some more content that I wasn’t quite able to do last night. My hope is that you can engage with this blog either on your own time or with a group of friends or your family, and that in doing so you generate more conversation with God. So… Read more →