Devotion: 11.10.15 David

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Here is a devotion for our new series ‘Young and Spirited’. But first, this:

The series is a bit of a random selection of 6 young adults in scripture: David, Ruth, Timothy, Esther, Daniel, and John. We’re going to be reflecting on their stories — not setting them up as idols or heroes but as real people, like you and I, called by God…buuuuut…who endured some significant struggles.

So my encouragement to you for this series is: don’t let these characters remain far off. Allow their stories to speak into your life as a young (or not so young) adult. Allow their mistakes and achievements to ask tough questions of where you are at. Challenge yourself to walk in their shoes.

Anyway, ‘nuf said. On with the devotion!

Young and Spirited (part 1)dave asparagus

Devotional notes

If alone, thank God that you have been called. Ask God to continue to empower you in that calling. If a group, pray for your calling as individuals and as a group. Thank God for the group and ask the Holy Spirit to give you purpose, direction and friendship.

Gabe brought out two aspects about David on Sunday:

  1. The patience of David
  2. The grace of God in choosing and persevering with David

There might be one of these that you’d like to explore alone or with your group. However, if not, you may want to look instead at this other story of David: his anointing.

Read 1 Samuel 16:1-13

What does this story tell you about God?

If you were to place yourself in this story, who would it be and why?

What does it mean for you personally that God chose David, the youngest, most insignificant son, over Eliab? How does it speak into your life? If alone, you might like to prayerfully reflect and journal your thoughts.

What does it mean for the church community that God chose David over Eliab? How might that be reflected in the things we prioritise as church? And how can you reflect this in your involvement in church?

What does it mean for our nation and our world that God chose David over Eliab? Perhaps you can think of some topical issues in the news. Based on the story of David’s anointing, where do you discern God in that story?

Some recent events you might like to discuss:

  • The refugee crisis
  • The Rugby World Cup (where is God on the sporting pitch!?)
  • The suicide bombings at the peace rally in Turkey
  • The TPP deal

Ultimately Jesus, the Saviour of the world, descends from David (and not Eliab). What does this suggest about the way God operates in the world?

Pray together (or alone) that God may give you wisdom to discern where God is at work, and whom God is working through. Pray that you may receive humility and a desire to join with God in that work.


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