Devotion: 25.10.15 Timothy

Young and Spirited (part 3)

Devotional notes


If it’s a nice evening your group should totally head down to the beach for a campfire (check fire-bans!) or similar!


Group: Share stories “around the campfire”. Perhaps, like Michael on Sunday, you could share your testimony if you’ve never shared it with the group. Alternatively, for a lighter activity, share some of the crazy or humourous things you’ve heard or seen in church — times when you’ve had to shake your head in disbelief!

Alone: If you’re alone, perhaps you could journal your own testimony over the last few years. Where have you noticed God’s action? Where might you have missed it?

Pray together for the discussion ahead, that you might hear God’s voice, and hear one another.


Read 1 Tim 4:11-16

Based on this passage, Jordan suggested there are two things which are “non-negotiable” in church:

  • Listening for and dwelling in God’s Word
  • and devoting ourselves to one another in love by the Spirit of God

Group: Based on the passage in Timothy and your own experience, what are the “non-negotiables” of church for you? Why?

What things are important but not crucial? Why?

What things are less important? Primarily cultural expressions? Why?

Alone: Reflect on the above group questions by drawing up a chart in your journal. Three categories: Non-negotiable elements of church, important elements of church, less important elements. List elements in each category (e.g. preaching, prayer, community time, birthday celebrations, good songs, a drum-kit). Of the things in each category, which are important for you personally? What does that tell you about the way you approach and engage with church?


Read John 21:4-14

On Sunday, gathering around the campfire became a symbol of what it means to be church. What does the image of fire or campfires evoke for you? How does it help you to understand God or church? What are its strengths/weaknesses? pcanzlogo

(Use John 21, the logo of the Presbyterian Church, or other occurrences of fire in scripture to help unpack your discussion. Link it to 1 Tim and the discussion about what it means to be church.)

Alone: You might like to reflect on the above question through art (if you’re the artistic type). Alternatively, light a candle and sit in prayer. Use the flame as a prayer symbol.


Close by praying together


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