Devotion: 15.11.15 Daniel

Young and Spirited (part 6)

Devotional Notes

Spend some time praying for those suffering from terrorism or extremism in the world. In particular, pray for Paris and Beirut where attacks happened within days of one another.

Read, with hope, Daniel 2:44

Dan talked about this kingdom that God is setting up. It is defined by JOY, FREEDOM, and LOVE. The following devotional reflects on those three in relation to the Paris attacks. But you could equally use the Beirut bombing or another event.

paris attacks1. Joy

Look at this painting that emerged in response to the terror attacks in Paris. How do you understand sorrow, and suffering in the light of a God whose plan is for joy?

What is the difference between happiness and joy? Is there a difference?

2. Freedomstatuelibertyparis

In this second image we see the American Statue of Liberty, armed with a gun, off to defend Paris.

How do you respond to this image? Why?

What is freedom for you? What does it look like in God’s kingdom? Is this image in keeping with this ideal of freedom — how or how not?

3. Love

loveparisWhat strikes you about this final image?

How do we respond with love to these acts of terror? Is war and fighting a legitimate response?

Read Daniel 2:44 again — but this time with love in mind. Does it reshape how you hear the verse. If so, how?

Conclude by praying that as a group you might join in God’s big story of Joy, Freedom and Love this week.

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