AFL Blog Week 3 Part 3: Understanding

So, Wed’s article was pretty hard to digest, I’m not gonna lie. But not because I disagreed with any of, but because it was really wordy and it very confusingly goes off in a round about way in an attempt to PROVE God’s existence.

It’s a snippet of an essay from the great Anslem of Canterbury (1033-1109) and all I can really say is that he argues that there we all can understand, even if we don’t really understand, that there is something (which we call God) that exists that is greater than anything we can imagine.
Yeah, that’s basically it. Whether we understand that we can’t truly understand that there is something that exists beyond our imagination, or if we only understand that we can’t imagine what is unimaginable (which may actually be the same thing, I don’t understand what I’m writing, lol) – either way he asserts that this thing that is greater than anything that can be imagined (God) exists in understanding we don’t understand, AND in reality.
It’s kinda the argument that, you know, God exists whether you choose to believe it or not.
Anslem is pretty deep, y’all. There’s a quote of his that has stuck with me since last year when I was doing some research on predestination. He says that because God exists outside time and space there is no such thing as predestination because for him everything has already happened.
Today at chapel (which is this thing everyone on Hope staff does every Wed together) Murray led to us to talk about just this very thing! God lives in the eternal present, therefore there is no past or present, and everything that is going to happen has already happened. Which even means – wrap your head around this one – that, in a sense, from God’s eternal perspective outside time and space, Jesus has already returned!  I know! mind blown, right?!
so, anyway, I don’t really know what Rollins is setting up with this week, and especially today’s article from Anslem, because this essay has always been widely used to advocate to intellectuals as proof of God’s existence. But I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.
feel free to add any of your thoughts and comments!

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