AFL Blog Last Days of Lent: Introducing Padraig O Tauma

Padraig O Tauma is an Irish poet and theologian. I’ve only just come across him through AFL and I’m captivated by his work so far, so I thought instead of trying to break down and blog about a song he wrote that Peter Rollins used for today’s content (below is a link to a youtube video. It’s super good, with a great story told at the start too! if you have 8 extra min, WATCH IT! and I better warn you about some foul language, in case that sort of thing bothers you.) I thought, instead, I’ll just introduce you to him and let you check out some of his stuff.

Padraig writes and theologizes from places of pain and problems. His niche is, “the struggle of faith and how that struggle lies at the very heart of faith.”

Here ( is a link to his published works on his website. You’d have to buy the books, but there are papers and articles available to be read or downloaded. You’ll see the areas of theology he’s struggled with in his writings. I find him quite profound. I love that he’s authentic and he comes from a place of experience – his own struggles have led him to what appears to be a rich and strong relationship with the Lord.


anyway, we all struggle with faith and life at times. It’s not bad to do so. It’s normal. It’s expected.

I wan’t you to watch the video and visit the website and look at some of his writings; engage with his theological perspective. I’m not telling you that you have to agree or believe exactly as he does, but by engaging with it you might have something special revealed to you.

Engage with Padraig O Tauma a little bit and consider some of your own struggles. Maybe his art, or his articles will help you. And then praise God in response!




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