“What is Forgiveness?” Follow Up

Last night I asserted that Biblical forgiveness is drastically different to how the world sees and understands forgiveness. The world sees and understands forgiveness as something that only empowers the self: If someone has hurt me, it is taught, that forgiveness is important, even imperative, if I ever want to move on. So for me to forgive whoever hurt me… Read more →

AFL Blog Week 6 part 4 (Thursday): What Do I Love When I love God?

The reading for Thursday, 22 March I found very pleasing to read. It comes from a notable post-modern theologian and philosopher, John Caputo, and his book On Religion. The excerpt is titled “Religion is for Lovers.” There’s not much really for me to review or critique in this excerpt. Just a few nice quotes I’ll share with you. The aim of… Read more →

AFL Blog Week 5 Part 2: Doubt And Meaning

Tuesday’s reading come from another popular theologian in Christian Academia, Paul Tillich, in which he touches on the place and importance of doubt in one’s faith. He critiques mysticism a bit saying, “Mysticism does not take seriously the concrete  and the doubt concerning the concrete. It plunges directly into the ground of being and meaning, and leaves the concrete, the… Read more →