AFL Blog Week 4 Part 1: Where Ludwig Feuerbach and I Disagree

Who is this Ludwig Feuerbach? He was a philosopher who lived 1804-1872 and influenced some other dudes you may have heard of; Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles. He wrote a book called The Essence of Christianity in which he asserts that God is just something people have projected to be real. He says, “Man first unconsciously and involuntarily creates God in his… Read more →

AFL Blog Week 3 Part 4: Human Will and God’s Will

So, again we have excerpt from a famous Christian mystic, this time a woman,  Marguerite Porete (1248/1250 – 1310), who was eventually deemed a heretic and was burned at the stake for not changing her views and for not removing her book from circulation. The excerpt comes from this book and, well it doesn’t seem all that heretical to me, but of… Read more →

AFL Blog Week 3 Part 1: Christian Mysticism

Okay, first of all, let me say that I’m very interested in Christian mysticism. I know for some people the word “mysticism” and “mystic” or “mystical” sound new age-y, or airy fairy or whatever, but the Christian mystics have a profound place in our history, and I find studying them quite fascinating. That said, this may be hard for some of… Read more →

Reflections on Light and Darkness – Courtney’s message on the Lamp of the Body

Hello, and welcome to the Living Room Blog. Last night Courtney spoke to us in week 2 of our Lent series, Journey to the Cross, and he spoke on Luke 11:33-36 – the lamp of the body. The takeaway for me was, in the same way last week I spoke about acknowledging distractions, to acknowledge the areas in our lives… Read more →